We can support your Circon system in Georgia and the surrounding states.

AFS have the tools necessary to support you and your system. If you have a Circon system installed in your building and need parts and service call (404) 890-6956.

We have decades of controls experience and have been installing and supporting Circon's product line since 2001.
The Circon's latest product line has live graphic programming and the latest microprocessor available to support even more strategies.

If you didn't have us originally install your system and you need help, we can help.  Parts and service call (404) 890-6956.

Chillers, Boilers, Heat Recovery, Variable Volume, Thermal Storage, Demand Control, Daylight Harvesting, Lighting Control, Variable Speed Drives, Humidification and De-humidification, Special Custom Controls for Government and Industrial Customers, Pressurization Systems... and the list goes on.


For more information visit our full website at automatedfacility.com.
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